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door handle


august 2020 - BA thesis


Fusion 360, Keyshot

Each user goes to a different stage of the product life cycle and expects something different from the object. It is impossible to meet all, often separate needs.

The handle is not only used to open the door, it is also an important detail of interior finishing, a subject that requires produc-tion, assembly and service. The analysis of the needs, user relations and own experience, which is supported by work in a company producing and assembling doors, shows that it is the installer who is the recipient most overlooked in designing handles. The assembly takes place once in the life of the handle, but many times in the life of the installer. This prompted me to take up the topic of the door handle taking into account the needs of each recipient.
The entire project consists of a number of small changes that significantly affect the assembly process and the use of the entire handle.

The handle is made of a brass casting method, an alloy of copper and zinc, which ensures antibacterial properties.

The answer to the most problematic part of the as-sembly, which is the mandrel lock, is a simple system that uses the "archetype" of the assembly, but in an improved form. Signboards and masking frames have been designed in such a way as to contain as many common elements as possible, which has a positive effect on the production process.

The final form of the handle results from the guidelines regarding the convenience of the handle as well as the installation conditions or the mechanisms used. The simplicity of the form is perfect for both modern and more classic interiors.

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