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welfare trailer


june 2022 - MA thesis


Fusion 360, V-ray, Photoshop



YOUNG DESIGN 2022 - Industrial Design Institute

The design of the welfare trailer is a response to the needs of workers in the renovation and construction industry, who in most cases are not provided with hygiene and sanitary conditions and a place to prepare and eat meals during their break.

Working clothes and the lack of changing facilities are associated with the stigmatisation of workers, who are still not perceived favourably by some people. The sense of worth, the desire to be seen as a professional is somewhat at odds with the conditions workers have to face.

Most of the assumptions were a direct result of the analysis of the problems and constraints already mentioned and interviews with the potential audience.

The solution's functional layout with minimal space provides a toilet with shower, a kitchenette and a multifunctional space with seating and a folding table. Inside, there are also individual lockers for users, a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher, a separate space for shoes, a place for documents or a space for storing tools.

Thanks to the system profiles inside and outside, the trailer can be freely modified and extended with further accessories or functionalities to best suit the needs of the users.

Design considerations were not paramount in the design process; rather, they are the result of specific functionalities.

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